Shipment of goods to 16:00.
Powered shipping and handling fees.
from 10:00 to 18:00.
Monday - Friday
-for regular customers,
-on wholesale purchase.


Large variety of printing equipment, print heads, components, high-quality ink for large format printing.

Our experience for over 10 years.
Own customer service connected, launch, set up and trained.
With us is simple - order, get to work.
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Get professional advice on the product that you are interested in, ask any questions for our managers - by phone, email or Skype.
We manufacture installation and configuration of equipment, training and technical support our customers. Warrants the equipment and carry out after-sales service.
We have helped more than 500 clients to solve their problems and challenges with the help of our products and services.If you do not like the quality of our products, we will refund your money.


Телефон: +38 (044) 233-23-84.