Timing belt for printer

  • 28 July 2015 00:05:30
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Timing belts are reliable and durable. Straps are made from high quality polyurethane or rubber, may be, on request, steel (standard) or Kevlar cord. Belts are delivered open and connected. The power transmission takes place by coupling the transverse belt and pulley teeth.

Because of the advantages of polyurethane belts can note the following fact, timing belt needs more slack. Furthermore, during operation timing belt stretched completely, do not need lubrication and excessive vibration does not create moments without requiring special devices, vibration damping.

The toothed or synchronous belts are fairly simple to use, have a decent resistance to wear, what ensures reliable operation under different loads.

Timing belts are divided into two categories:

- polyurethane timing belts,

- rubber timing belts,

The toothed polyurethane belts are supplied in rolls, the length of the following types: MXL, XL, L, MTD 3M, S3M, S2M, 2GT, HTD3M, HTD8M ... polyurethane belts are most often used in the European and Japanese printing machines require high power and smooth stroke (in the price range of 30,000 USD). Belts made of polyurethane compact, durable, able to withstand heavy loads.

The toothed rubber belt is available in rolls, on the length of the following types: MXL, XL, L, MTD 3M, S3M, S2M, 2GT, HTD3M, HTD8M ... Rubber belts are mainly used in Chinese printers and serve, like all other belts for force transmission.

toothed belts have the following characteristics:

- have high efficiency;

- have a long uptime;

- ensure coordinated work at different loads and speeds;

- do not create vibrations;

- provide maximum transmission of high power;

- have excellent petrol, oil and dust repellent properties

- are antistatic (according to ISO 1813);

belts toothed belts vary the distance between the teeth, manufacturing methods and materials, the shape of the tooth, the country of manufacture, etc.

An example of marking roll toothed belts:

15 - S2M -7000

- the width of the belt 15 mm.

- tooth profile belt S2M

- roll length 7000 mm.

For the exact timing belts in the order must specify the following parameters:

1. type of strap: marked on the back of the belt (S2M);

2. material: rubber or polyurethane;

3. Belt pitch: The distance between the teeth (P);

4. the length of the belt;

5. the width of the belt;

6. tooth height (h1);

7. belt thickness (h2);

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